Here’s another pandemic playtime activity. Gather up all those empty recycling containers in your kitchen. Those empty yogurt containers (the big ones or the little ones), juice jugs etc are great for water play, or with the whipped soap activity from the other day. It’s fun to fill up containers and dump them out again in the sink, or just play on the floor with bowls and buckets.

What’s that? You have a bunch of paper recycling too? Boxes of cereal, bear paws, KD, granola bars, snacks (and everything else you stockpiled) can be transformed into robots, vehicles, buildings and cities or whatever else your little inventors can imagine. Just cut them open, flip them inside out and tape them up again… then get colouring!

You’ll need:

Cardboard Boxes of varying sizes

Clear Packing Tape

Toilet Paper Tubes

Bingo Dabbers or Markers


Curious Child

Here’s what I did.  I opened up each box and fully turned it inside out, so I had an empty surface to decorate.  I taped it up first, but that complicated things with the markers, so I would suggest decorating it and then taping it shut again.  Kleenex boxes make great robot torsos. TP tubes make great arms and legs. with a bit of tape surgery we got our robot standing.  My 4 year old had a great time decorating, and telling me all about Box Bot, and how he’s here to protect Buzz and Rex.

Tell Alexa play Sharon, Lois and Bram. Make some coffee. Embrace the mess. Wash your hands.