Well, it’s officially been about a thousand years since we’ve been ordered to stay home.  Around here that means we can’t play on play structures or get together with our friends, which is a real bummer if you ask me.  I’ve been trying to find ways to keep my 4 year old busy using things most families have in their houses already, since we can’t really go out and buy new things, and online shipping is backed up for weeks.

Thus, Pandemic Playtime was born!  Interesting activities you can easily do at home, and this one’s really… cool…

Here’s what you need for Pandemic Playtime – Icy Treasures:

  • Ice cube trays or small containers
  • Small toys such as cars, figurines, dinosaurs play food or other small toys
  • Water (with or without food colouring)
  • A large cookie sheet and dish towel
  • Freezer
  • Time
  • Curious / bored children

Grab a bunch of empty plastic containers, and some small toys – cars, figurines, animals, dinosaurs etc.  Now put one or two toys in each container (I used a container made for freezing baby food) and fill them up with water, then pop those bad boys in the freezer until they’re frozen solid.

In the meantime, you can check in on them every few hours to see how quickly they’re freezing, if some containers are freezing faster than others and make predictions about when they’ll all be frozen (Hello, science lesson disguised as play…).

Then when all your treasures are frozen, get a big cookie sheet or tray, line it with a tea towel and start experimenting!
See what happens when you pour warm water over them, or if they break when you smash them with toy hammer. Do they float if you put them in a bigger tub of water?

You might need mittens, and there’s probably going to be water everywhere when you’re done, but this one will hopefully keep your Littles entertained for a while.  Enjoy!!