Little Lighthouse Home Daycare is located in Beacon Hill at 2210 Loyola Avenue, Unit 11.

Yes and No.  While we don’t have any pets, we have a few ‘furry friends’ who visit us from time to time.

Full time care is 50$ per day per child.  Part time care is 55$ per day per child.  An administration fee of 175$ is due upon signing the care agreement, which covers administrative costs and equipment.  Monthly holding fees of 250$ apply to hold a space.

Every family has unique childcare needs.  Payment plans are available.  Please inquire.

Little Lighthouse Home Daycare is open from 7:15am to 5:00pm Monday – Friday.

I believe technology has its place in an early learning environment.  While television will not be a regular part of our day, there may be times when I turn on the TV for an activity (yoga on a rainy day), to answer a child’s query (how to space ships take off?) or as an occasional reward.  I may also turn on the television in cases of emergency, when I need to keep the other children safe and distracted in order to attend to an emergency.

Additionally, I use a tablet to play music and take photos.  The children will undoubtedly be interested in the tablet, but they will not be permitted to play games or watch videos.

The main play space is located in my living room and dining room, on the main floor of my home.  The space has lots of natural light and is adjacent to my kitchen.  The children will need to go upstairs to use the bathroom and for rest time.

We occasionally attend playgroups in Beacon Hill when the weather permits.

Little Lighthouse Childcare is an unlicensed home daycare.  I made the choice to be unlicensed because I majored in Child Studies at Concordia University and have been a Registered Early Childhood Educator since 2008.  I have extensive knowledge of programming for young children, developmental issues and behaviour guidance strategies, acquired through a decade of working with children.

It is important to know that unlicensed home childcare providers are legal in Ontario, and providers are subject to rules and regulations set out by the Ministry of Education.

The Child Care and Early Years Act of 2014 states that unlicensed childcare providers can care for 2 children under the age of 2, with a maximum of 5 children.  These regulations are in place to ensure children are safe.  Representatives from the Ministry of Education routinely spot check licensed and unlicensed home daycares to ensure these ratios are not being exceeded.  Little Lighthouse Childcare will comply with these and other ministry regulations.