A Guide To Helping Little Kids With Separation Anxiety

Tools and advice for a children who have a hard time saying goodbye to Mum or Dad, from the perspective of a childcare provider.

How Do I Get My Child To… STOP SCREAMING

Does your kid scream for fun? Is it driving you nuts? I've got a script to help your child understand why it's not ok to scream for fun.

Pandemic Playtime Icy Treasures

Gather up a few of your favourite little toys and freeze them in ice cube trays. Wait until they're frozen solid then explore how they froze, and how long they take to melt. Hours of slow, frozen fun for your preschooler.

Pandemic Playtime Loose Parts

Loose Parts are a fun and easy way to for children to learn early math concepts like sorting, counting and sequencing. This activity is easy to do at home with things found around your home!

Step outside the Cereal Box!

Cereal is a cheap and fun way to keep your toddler entertained, while helping them develop loads of useful skills!

Pandemic Playtime

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to say home, I started thinking of ways to keep kids busy using only items that most people already had in their homes. Things like building forts, freezing toys in ice and creating robots out of boxes bound for the recycling bin. If we have to stay home, we might as well have fun!

Pandemic Playtime Forts!

Why not build a fort for your little one, a tiny isolation fortress to help occupy your time while you're isolating at home?

Pandemic Playtime Recycling

Gather a few boxes bound for the recycling, stuff like KD or cereal boxes, and turn them into robots, city buildings, vehicles, or anything your child's imagination desires!