My name is Carolyn Dupont and have been working with children for as long as I can remember.  I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator (R.ECE) now, but I started babysitting children in my neighbourhood when I was a teenager, and quickly realized that I really enjoyed watching children learn and grow.  I graduated from Concordia University in 2006 with a Bachelors of Arts, Major Child Studies, and from 2006-2008 I worked as a private Nanny and childcare provider for a number of wonderful families.  From 2008-2016 I worked as a Registered Early Childhood Educator at a large not for profit childcare center.  During my time there I worked with Toddler, Preschool and Kindergarten and School aged children at several different locations.

In 2016 – after a long battle with infertility – my Husband Travis and I celebrated the birth of our Son, Wyatt.  During my maternity leave it became clear that opening a home daycare was right for our family, as it allowed me to be home with Wyatt while still using my professional skill set.  After spending years in the commercial childcare field I was eager to open my own home daycare.

Little Lighthouse Home Daycare existed between April 2017 and October 2020, happily caring for children between the ages of 10 months to 4 years old.  We spent a lot of time exploring the outdoors, either at local parks or on neighborhood walks.  When we weren’t outside we spent our time reading books, dancing, baking and playing together.

When the world shut down in March of 2020, Little Lighthouse temporarily closed.  During this time I – like everyone – considered how best to care for my family and continue my work during a pandemic.  Little Lighthouse did open for a short while, but it quickly became clear I couldn’t provide childcare and manage Wyatt’s virtual school needs, so I made the painful decision to close Little Lighthouse Home Daycare and pivot the business to provide resources and coaching services to parents trying to make sense of life with children in challenging times.


  • Registered Early Childhood Educator (R.ECE) since 2008.  In order to use this title, an Early Childhood Educator must pay membership dues to the College of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario and take part in professional development opportunities, known as the Continuous Learning Portfolio.
  • Independent Home Childcare Provider.
  • Experience in planning and implementing developmentally appropriate activities for groups of children of varying ages: Babies  (10-18 months), Toddlers (18months – 2.5 years), Preschoolers (2.5-4 years), Kindergarten (4-6 years), School Age (6-12 years).
  • Leadership experience as a Lead Educator, Assistant Supervisor and Supervisor of offsite locations.  Demonstrated ability to manage hazardous and dangerous situations while keeping children safe and unaffected.  Knowledge of ministry requirements for managing serious occurrences.
  • Regular First and CPR training; including Infant CPR, anaphylaxis.
  • Attended workshops on a wide rage of topics relevant to children including; yoga and movement, crisis management, nutrition, developmental delays, speech and language acquisition, classroom environment optimization, food safety, sensory processing issues, storytelling.
  • Member of Childcare Provider’s Resource Network (CCPRN)
  • Negative Criminal Record Check


“Play is the child’s work” – Maria Montessori

I believe that children learn through play, and that early childhood should be filled with play opportunities that enrich a child’s life.  Little Lighthouse Home Daycare is not a school, and does not strive to replicate the school environment.  Here children will learn through play in a casual, supportive, warm home environment.  A place to cuddle up on the couch and read a book, colour a picture for Daddy while we listen to music, or go for a walk on a bright sunny day.  A place that feels less like a daycare, and more like a playdate with friends.

A child’s play can take many different forms, and I’ve furnished my home to facilitate a vast array of opportunities for children.  For example:


The main play space is equipped with a play kitchen outfitted with everything you’d find in a ‘real’ kitchen.  There are pots and pans, food and dishes and a little table and chairs for the children to gather around.  This type of play helps children practice things they see around them every day.


My large dinning room table is a perfect spot for colouring, painting, cutting, gluing or any other creative activity.  Arts and crafts help children develop their fine motor control (think holding a crayon or pair of scissors) while also fostering lessons in self esteem and free expression.


This type of play involves our large muscle groups, and consists of activities such as running, jumping, crawling and climbing etc.  I have a small yard adjacent to my home, a secluded park nearby and plenty of pathways and open fields nearby in which to better your child’s gross motor development.


Your child will have plenty of opportunities to use their hands, and get dirty when they play.  Whether it be playdough, sand, soapy water, snow, rice, or other items with interesting textures; your child will learn through feeling things with their hands.  This type of play introduces early science and math concepts and can be calming for some children.


I first met Carolyn through her mother, a work colleague. At the time, Carolyn was studying Early Childhood Education in Montreal and was interested in experience as a child caregiver.

Over the past 9 years, Carolyn has provided childcare for our daughter during extended periods during the summer as well as a regular babysitter in the evenings. When she first started, our daughter was 2 1/2 years old. Carolyn was always dependable and trustworthy. We always felt that our daughter was safe and happy in Carolyn’s care.

Our daughter was ALWAYS her first priority. Carolyn always kept our daughter well entertained (reading, crafts, fun & educated games and park/play group excursions). She was also very responsible when it came to meal or snack preparation and managing nap/bedtime routines. Carolyn was a cheerful and positive role model for our daughter.

Our daughter always felt values and well cared-for. We never worried about our daughter in Carolyn’s care while we were away. Since we have known Carolyn, she has become more of a friend than an employee. She has grown from young university student into a mature, loving and responsible mother herself. The best reference I can give Carolyn is that my daughter and other children she has cared for often ask their parents to go out so that they can spend an evening with Carolyn again.

My husband and I highly recommend Carolyn as a childcare provider and would be happy to any questions. She is qualified and experienced to accept the challenge of opening her own home daycare.

Tejinder (TJ) and Michael Krupta

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to highly and whole heartedly recommend Carolyn Dupont for child care. Carolyn came into our lives as an employee several years ago and is now a family friend.

Carolyn cared for our children in our home for 2 years. During that entire time she was very dependable and trustworthy. Over the course of two years she never called in sick nor did she ever arrive late. She was punctual and reliable. We didn’t have to worry about getting to work on time as she was always here to replace us as we went off to work.

We welcomed Carolyn into our home and had a sense that we could trust her with the care of our children as well as managing our home. I always felt at ease and confident that the children would be her first priority. Their safety and happiness was never a concern of ours while they were in her care.

The children remember that Carolyn always prepared activities and crafts that were lots of fun. She read to them and kept them well entertained. She took them out on adventures around the city and taught them many things while they were out and about.

In the time since she provided full time care she has continued to provide occasional care for our family. She has always kept our three children safe and has always ensured they were happy.

My husband and I would gladly attest to her strengths. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Lori and Dale Brown

Potential Parents of Little Lighthouse Home Daycare,

I am immensely pleased to write this recommendation for Carolyn Dupont, RECE, as she opens Little Lighthouse Home Daycare.

I have known and worked with Carolyn for many years and she has proven herself to be caring and attentive to the needs of children. She is reliable, hard-working and devoted to her craft. Carolyn will provide an outstanding level of service in caring for your child. She took an active role in enhancing the children’s education by including an emphasis of health and the importance of exercise. I can think of no one more qualified.

As her former supervisor, I recommend Carolyn without reservation. She demonstrated a passion for providing quality childcare through planning and implementing high quality programs. She also demonstrates compassion, enthusiasm and professional demeanor. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working alongside Carolyn. I am very fortunate and grateful to have worked so closely with her.

Carolyn is a Registered Early Childhood Educator who is certified in CPR and First Aid. She has worked with both large and small groups and in all instances, the reviews of her performance with the children always come back positive, from both the children and parents alike.

Carolyn is excellent with children of all ages and would make an excellent child care provider for your family as well. She has my highest recommendation and I would happily provide more details if you would like more information.

Janice Laroche